Towers falling
Updated: 3/12/2020
Towers falling

Storyboard Text

  • Sound s of heavy coughing.
  • Waaaahhh
  • Our parents are probably worried sick, Sabeen is most likely wondering where we are, and I'm starting to rethink our chose.
  • It was devastating!
  • What happened? What attack? Why has our skyline changed? Have I been living under a rock my whole life?
  • It completely changed American history.
  • Sounds of sobbing
  • Ahhh-cheww
  • Is this the true definition of America?
  • Is this what us Americans stand for?
  • We were like a family. Greeting everyone as they walked passed, recognizing everyone as they walked by; Having a special connection with everyone in the North Tower. We had the American bond, always being there for anyone and having each others back when needed most.
  • I can't believe he lost the people who made him himself.