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Updated: 11/5/2019
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  • This is the Second year in row!
  • Increased Bread Prices
  • Yemen's severe humanitarian crisis
  • Please Spare some food
  • I haven't eaten in 5 days
  • please help my baby
  • Yemen will lose the civil war
  • French peasants had to deal with two years of bad harvests prior to start the revolution. Economic policies that deregulated the price of grain contributed to the crisis
  • Unjust Land Distributions and Tax Burdens
  •  Yemen faces a serve food shortage, in a war-torn nation, about only ¼th of the population has enough food. With 76 percent of the woman, men, children and the elderly starving and while a civil war is disrupting their country
  • Pakistan treats its woman poorly
  • Yemen's people will realize that in a war-torn country that it would be better with a different government because if they can't feed their people then why should they fight a war. People will come together and help eachother
  • Equality
  • Good Morning Boss, I wanted to run some things by you
  • France had a social system that heavily favored the First and Second Estate (the clergy and nobility). Less than 3% of the population, these two groups, paid no taxes and controlled the government.
  • 1st Estate
  • 2nd Estate
  • 3rd Estate
  • In Pakistan, men are the “ruling gender”, woman are unable to do anything without a man's consent. Woman have very little rights. Women mainly stay at home, cook and clean, and can not get a job.
  • My prediction is that this will continue out in the next coming years because of their strict religion and government. It will come to light and change will happen and the women and men of Pakistan will be equal.
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