Roaring 20s
Updated: 2/14/2020
Roaring 20s

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  • The 18th Amendment
  • I'm sorry it's what the 18th amendment says, you can't have it.
  • The 19th Amendment
  • I can't believe we can actually vote now!!!
  • The Jazz Age
  • On January 20, 1920, the 18th amendment was passed. This amendment declared that the production, transport, and selling of alcohol illegal, which made many people angry with the government.
  • Harlem Renaissance
  • On August 18, 1920, the 19th amendment was passed. This amendment gave women the right to vote. This was a huge step forward in Women's Suffrage.
  • New Technology
  • In 1925, a time period emerged where a new type of music and dance was made called Jazz. It is largely credited to African Americans and their traditions, although it soon expands to Americans.
  • Stock Market Crash
  • In 1926, there was an intellectual, social, and artistic explosion in Harlem. It is also known as the "New Negro Movement". It was a celebration of black traditions, the black voice, and black ways of life.
  • On October 20, 1927, the Ford company produces the Model A car. After this production many other Ford models are made and soon almost everyone has a car.
  • In October 1929, the wall street stock market crashed causing many people to lose a lot of money. This marked the beginning of the Great Depression.
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