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Updated: 9/23/2018
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  • Six months after losing his wife in her battle with cancer, Thomas Rouse can no longer afford the mortgage on his house and is now at risk of being foreclosed on. With two young kids to take care of and no way to pay the bank, Thomas resorts to drastic measures in order to keep his family whole. After a night spent drinking and at his wits end, Thomas calls up his old friend Robert 'Bob the Builder' McGee and tells him of his plan to rob the bank that is going to take everything from him. Having served together on several tours. Bob agrees to help Tommy in his time of need. Bob, being a demolition expert, is given the job of blowing the safe. Luck seems to be on Tommy's side, as his late wife's sister has only just gotten a job at the same bank. He calls up Tina the next night after solidifying plans with Bob and tells her of their plan. She says that since she will be the only teller that day, she will make sure not to press the silent alarm in order to give them extra time to get in and out.
  • So we'll go in together to control the crowd. I'll take cellphones and lock civies in the bathroom.
  • Then Tina will take me to the safe and I'll blow open the door since she can't open it.
  • Once we have the money, we'll change into our fatigues and get the hell out
  • Sounds like a sure-fired plan, partner
  • O-oh my! Y-yes of course. P-please don't h-hurt us!
  • Hey you! Take me to the money!
  • Everyone give up your phones and get to the bathroom!
  • After getting to the safe room lead by Tina, Bob blew the door to the safe gaining access to the money within while Tina grabbed the army uniforms and duffel bags she had stashed that morning without fear of being found out as she had disabled the security camera's for the safe room just prior to Thomas and Bob arriv Once the civilians were secured and locked inside the bathroom with no cell phones and no way out, Thomas joined Tina and Bob in putting the money into the bags. Once the money was secure, Bob knocked Tina unconscious in order to make her story more believable. Then Thomas and Bob changed into their army fatigues and walked out into the ally behind the bank through the back door where they hailed a cab and made their way back to Thomas' house where Thomas' mother in law was watching the kids. However, when they got their Thomas' mother in law Nancy confronted both men, informing them that she knew of what they did and that if things went south, they would be more than welcome to hide out on her land.
  • Ma? Erm, this really isn't what it looks li--
  • Now, I know what you two boys did and why. And I ain't bout to tell either. If you get in a pinch, my house is open
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