Jack Dempsey
Updated: 11/26/2019
Jack Dempsey

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  • Childhood of Manassa Mauler
  • Jack's upbringing into the ring
  • The Big Fight
  • Winner
  • Jack Dempsey worked on a farm and in the mines with his family. His older brother Bernie taught him how to box.
  • 5 Years of Glory
  • Go, fight,win
  • When Jack was 17 he won his first fight in one punch. A couple months later Bernie got sick and filled in for him in a fight and won a very decisive victory gaining him fame.
  • The Fall
  • Jack finally had the chance to prove himself and he fought the reigning heavyweight champion. Jack Dempsey won in just 3 rounds.
  • After The Fall
  • It's so raw I can practically hear the cow mooing
  • Jack defended his title for 5 years in a row. It is considered one of the best boxing runs in history.
  • In 1926 Jack lost his first fight in 5 years. He was dethroned of his crown by Gene Tunney. The following year he challenged him again and lost. He retired from boxing soon after this fight.
  • Jack opened up a restaurant called the Jack Dempsey Restaurant. He would talk to anyone who walked through the doors and was known for always having something to say.