Reconstruction 2
Updated: 12/16/2019
Reconstruction 2
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  • Jim Crow Laws
  • The Jim Crow Laws were state and local laws that enforced segregation in the South. The laws were enforced until 1965.
  • Political, Social, Economic changes
  • Politically, reconstruction established the Republican Party as a permant fixture in American politics.
  • After reconstruction, economically people opened up their eyes to the railroad.
  • Socially, reconstruction made it so there was more racism in the south. Slave owners did not want to treat slaves as if they are equal.
  • Sucesses and Failures of Freedman's bureau
  • One of Freedman's Bureau's biggest successes was it's amazing education program.
  • One of Freeman's Bureau's biggest failures was in 1872 when there was a huge lack of support and termination.
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