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Exploration Series Storyboard
Updated: 5/5/2020
Exploration Series Storyboard
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  • Men, because of our travels and doings on our travels, we have have made Portugal wealthy and successful, well done.
  • The Portuguese have been doing well from exploration, if they can do it, why can't we?
  • You are right, my dearest, we should start finding travelers and do our own exploration.
  • If we accept this, there is a chance that we can beat Portugal in the race for trade wealth and we can spread Christianity.
  • Will you pay for the voyage? If we succeed, this would be a very important discovery and would be very profitable for Spain.
  • Alright, we will pay for the voyage, Columbus.
  • Portugal becomes wealthy and successful because they enslaved the people of the islands that are along Africa and from the ports of Africa. Those slaves worked the land of the Cape Verde and Canary Islands and grew crops that earned the Portuguese money. The Portuguese are so successful because of the slaves and growing their own food that they reduce the amount of money they spend on the Silk Road which makes them very successful and wealthy.
  • I'm going to be rich!
  • Men, we have found the Indies and the Indians!
  • Spain's Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand start looking into their own exploration since the Portuguese have been doing so well on theirs.
  • I can give them these items and then kill them and take their villages!
  • We will trade these items for your items.
  • We will do it.
  • Christopher Columbus convinces Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand to fund his trip to the Indies.
  • Something has wiped out our entire village!  What do we do?!
  • Christopher Columbus and his ships reach the Bahamas. Thinking it was the Indies he began to call the people there Indians. These "Indians" first gave Columbus and his crew gifts like food items when they arrived.
  • The Columbian Exchange started after Columbus reached the Bahamas and caused many explorers to travel to where Columbus had went. The Europeans gave the Native Americans things such as cattle (horse shown), bananas, grapes, citrus fruits (ie: orange), onions, slaves (from Africa), etc. The Europeans also started to kill the Native Americans and conquer their villages. The Native Americans gave the Europeans things such as pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes, pineapples, corn, squash, etc.
  • The Europeans brought over diseases from Europe that the Native Americans had not yet experienced or developed an immunity to. This caused many of the Native Americans to die.
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