Freak The Mighty Chapters 10-18
Updated: 3/13/2020
Freak The Mighty  Chapters 10-18

Storyboard Text

  • Loretta Lee. I bet you anything she´s a damsel in distress
  • Iggy, come here and tell me this is the circus in town or what?
  • Sit down, it makes me nervous looking up
  • Keven and max pull a purse out of sewage drain that belongs to a lady named Loretta Lee that lives in the New Tenements (Chapter 10, Page 62).
  • Where´s the Money?
  • Kevin and Max arrive at the house Loretta lives at and Iggy (the one on the right) invites Kevin and Max inside after they say they found Loretta´s purse (Chapter 11, Pages 65 and 66).
  • The Fair Gwen won´t talk about it.
  • When Max and Kevin go into Loretta´s house Iggy ask them for their names and hurts Kevin´s nose (Chapter 11, Page 67).
  • After Iggy is done with questions he pushes them out the door and Loretta tells freak that his dad left his mom (chapter 11, Pages 68 to 71).