English Persepolis comic project
Updated: 3/11/2020
English Persepolis comic project

Storyboard Text

  • Aren't we all?
  • Finally, we had begun our final decent into Georgia.
  • This is my family, here were getting ready to board an airplane to South Carolina, and meet our cousin at his Lake House.
  • Oh my gosh i'm so Excited!!
  • Here we go!!
  • The entire family has now completely boarded the airplane, we will be making a stop in Georgia before we land in South Carolina.
  • VMMM
  • Here we go!!
  • And we were on our way...
  • HELLLO!!
  • When we arrived in Georgia, we met our Uncle. There we exchanged plans and split.. He went to finish his shift, while we headed up towards South Carolina.
  • I Agree.
  • So yeah, I was thinking you should go finish up at the office and meet us there.
  • It was a Long drive...