Updated: 2/21/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Space is the concept of the significance of location and spatial distribution. It is ways that people can organise or manage the space that they live in.For example, the beach here, has a car parking. This uses up space.
  • Place is a place that on the Earth's surface that refers to a particular place that is identified and given meaning by people. Places range from a part of a room or a garden of a major world region. For example this park can be used for spiritual, cultural and asthetic reasons.
  • The environment refers to all living and non living things in the natural and human world that supports and enrich life. There are two types of environment. Natural environments or a Human environment. For example, this locker area is for the human environment
  • Living and non-living 'things' are always changing. The world changes all the time. Some changes can happen very quickly or very slowly. So slow that it can even take millions of years. For example, this are used to be full of trees and wildlife but has all been removed for houses.
  • Interconnection is the ways all living and non living things, have events and or changes. Nothing lives in isolation. Interconnection can be an environment and or human processes. For example, migration is needed for some people or animals.
  • Scale refers to the different levels at which geographical processes or events can be observed and investigated. For example, this house hold may grow trees in the backyard or bushes are planted in the lawn. Sustainability refers to the ongoing capacity of Earth to support and maintain living things. For example the house uses less materials than the other two house besides it. This will help in saving fossil fuels and reduce the amount of trees that are being cut down