heores (2)

Updated: 9/2/2020
heores (2)

Storyboard Text

  • While that was happening, three teenagers will save everyone with their secret powers.
  • ¡this is our chance!
  • OK.....
  • ´T´, A powerful woman will train these young men to save the big city.
  • Come on practice more!
  • Baek, a 16-year-old boy, can control the electricity.
  • hi!
  • we will beat you !!
  • Hope a 15 year old girl, her uniqueness is zero gravity, she can float more people or herself just by touching her
  • ummm... hello
  • 16-year-old Jack, can read minds, sometimes just by looking or touching.
  • whatever
  • This is the story of how we became the best heroes