Parent Teacher Conference
Updated: 1/22/2020
Parent Teacher Conference
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Student having low scores in class recently

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  • Thank you for coming to our meeting today, Mrs. Yao and and Mr. Yao. Please take a seat. Did you all have a good New Year break?
  • Yes we celebrated at my parents' home. Lots of food and drinking.
  • Sounds lovely. I wanted to talk to you all about your son today. The other day he really enjoyed himself when we were learning about clothing patterns and drew a funny picture during one of our practice activities.
  • That's great to hear. James likes drawing and often does that at home.
  • Well, we have been having some difficult getting him to focus on his work at home. I'll admit we are tired in the evening and don't supervise him much. He often prefers to play video games and we need to ask him more often to finish his homework or study for exams.
  • As you know, James seems to be struggling recently with test scores. Do you have any ideas on why he might be struggling?
  • Maybe we can set limits on his video game playing at home. He can play after he finishes his homework and studies for the exams. But we aren't good at English, so how can we know whether he has prepared enough for his exams or not?
  • I see..perhaps he hasn't been studying as much, because he is distracted by video games. Is there something we can do together to help him focus better?
  • That's a good plan. Sometimes he gets upset if we don't let him play on his Switch, but this should help him improve.
  • Maybe I can email you the answers for the homework assignments. I would recommend you tell him which answers are incorrect and let him figure it out by himself. He will remember his mistakes better if he can find them on his own.
  • Thank you, Ms. Jackson. It shows how you care a lot about our son's education.
  • If you could sign off on the homework, that would also be great. Let's chat again after the next exam and see if this has helped him improve his homework and test scores.
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