Criminal Justice

Updated: 10/16/2020
Criminal Justice

Storyboard Text

  • This will get back at them for firing me!
  • It may have been the employee I fired named Mark, but I have no evidence!
  • Who do you think it could have been?
  • Mark is right. The exclusionary rule prohibits the use of evidence obtained illegally. Therefor the evidence is invalid.Mark is not guilty.
  • Mark's House
  • Mark is not home , but I could break in and try to find evidence. The court will never know...
  • A lighter! Could this have been used to burn down the cafe ?
  • We are here to discuss the act of arson committed at the cafe downtown.
  • What?!?! You are not allowed to break into my house thats against the exclusionary rule.
  • I searched Marks house and found a lighter that I believe was used to burn down the cafe.