History Project
Updated: 2/14/2021
History Project

Storyboard Text

  • Revolution of 1911
  • We need to unite!
  • May Fourth Movement
  • Naturalist vs. Communist
  • this was a Chinese revolution when Sun Yat-Sen was trying to become emperor and trying to bring the country together.
  • Chinese Civil War
  • this was a rebellion that was create by students and the communest and nationalist wanted to try to bring china back together.
  • The Long March
  • this was a purge from the communest that chiang kai-sheck started that caused dearth of thousands of people.
  • Japanese Invasion
  • in 1931, the Chinese fought itself and then Japan took advantage of the weekend Chinese and invaded china.
  • in 1933 the Jiang army surrounded the communist army causing them to march 6,000 miles to escape while many died.
  • when China was weak from the civil war, Japan thought it would be a good time to take over and industrialize so they did just that.