User registration UCD artifact
Updated: 2/10/2021
User registration UCD artifact

Storyboard Description

Storyboard depicting a user registering for an account with We-Go

Storyboard Text

  • Jolene is our new customer
  • Jolene accesses We-Go landing page to register for an account
  • Jolene chooses the register option.Register is highlighted to show selection
  • Log-in here or register
  • Jolene is redirected to the account registration form.
  • Registration page
  • Name: Email:Phone number:Birthdate:
  • In this slide, she enters in the information required to create an account.
  • Scenario:Jolene fills out invalid data for email, or phone number or birthday.
  • Name: Email:Phone number:Birthdate:
  • Registration
  • Screen displays error to customer.
  • Error??
  • Registration
  • Submit
  • --- - -- ---- ----- ---
  • Jolene fixes the errors and clicks submit.
  • Jolene is now registered
  • Registration complete!Welcome Jolene!
  • Now that she is registered, she can:-Request a service-View account information-Enter in payment information-View order history
  • Yay!