unlikely friendship
Updated: 3/15/2021
unlikely friendship

Storyboard Text

  • Hi!
  • Julian Mendoza
  • Okay class, meet our new student, Sarah
  • Unlikely friendship.First person POV
  • why is she drooling so much?
  • I GOT HIM!
  • HOW? She cant even walk?
  • Please.
  • “My first day of school went well. I made a nice new friend. Her name is Natalie.” (Carloni)
  • can please play with Sarah
  • "How am I supposed to play with Sarah? I wondered. She can’t even walk."(Carloni)
  • w
  • why?
  • Can I have my seat changed?
  • “Well, maybe someone else would like to sit by Sarah.”(Carloni)
  • After ressees
  • GOOD JOB!!
  • Friend.
  • Sarah
  • Friend?