Bio Culminating Part 2
Updated: 1/11/2020
Bio Culminating Part 2
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  • Wow, that's fascinating. Let me explain the respiratory system.
  • Ok, I drew a diagram on the board! The dark blue tube at the top is the esophagus, the green is the liver, the grey is the stomach, the yellow is the gall bladder, the red is the pancreas, the teal is the small intestine and the purple is the large intestine!
  • The respiratory system contains the lungs, the diaphragm, the trachea, nasal cavity, the pharynx and larynx, etc. Basically, you breathe in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.
  • That's really interesting, I'll talk about the circulatory system.
  • Cool! How do these systems work together?
  • The circulatory system includes the heart, arteries, veins, capillaries, etc. The function of the circulatory system is to pump blood to all the parts of the body, with the heart. The arteries bring the blood away from the heart and to the rest of the body, while the veins bring blood back to the heart. The heart is 4 chambered, the chambers are the right and left atrium and the right and left ventricle.
  • Well, the circulatory system works with the digestive system by transporting nutrients through the blood stream to different parts of the body. The digestive and respiratory systems also work together, because the diaphragm helps the lungs as well as helps force waste products out of the digestive system. The respiratory system and the circulatory system work together because the respiratory system oxygenates the blood for the respiratory system!
  • Wow, this is all so interesting!
  • Well today has been a very interesting and informative day. Hey, you want to hear a joke?
  • Sure!
  • What did the Musician say to the heart? Nice beat!
  • Hahahaha!
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