War of the Worlds Comic strip (Isabelle Lemoine) 3rd and 4th period
Updated: 1/20/2021
War of the Worlds Comic strip (Isabelle Lemoine) 3rd and 4th period

Storyboard Text

  • There's a jet of flame springing from that mirror, and it leaps right at the advancing men. It strikes them head on! It contnuse to strik the entire farm. many people die and the reporter is on of them.
  • Carl Phillips a reporter from a radio show in 1938 just heard that something has fallen on a farm in New Jersey .He goes to talk to Professor Richard Pierson who says it is a medetor.
  • When they got there they saw that a lot of people where crowding around the mediator. State troopers are trying to keep the crowd away.
  • Once the cap has unscrewed fully and 4 slimy alien's come out of it. The crowds fall back now and the chief police officer puts out a white flag of truth.
  • The next day Captain Lansing of the sign is now incharge of now engaged in military operations in the vicinity of Grovers Mill. Sadly, the aliens use their heat wepon and kill all the army men and women. The only person left in grovers mill is Professor Richard Pierson
  • The military is on high alert. Solders are told to shot if you see an alien ship . They end up taking one down but it releases a toxic black gas.