Opal and Madison: The Princess Sisters
Updated: 3/22/2020
Opal and Madison: The Princess Sisters

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Part 2

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  • Opal and Madison became closer than ever in the dungeon. Even though they were miserable, they still found ways to make one another smile through the hard times.
  • Every day, Victor went in to ask the girls if they'd marry him. Opal would ignore him and Madison would answer for the both of them. NO!
  • After a month or two, the girls were beginning to become wary of Victor. They knew they had to agree to marry him, or they would die and their kingdom would crumble. So, the next day, they agreed to marry Victor.
  • They were brought before Victor and each declared his wife and Victor was declared King.
  • Their once beautiful kingdom became a place of hate and evil with Victor as King.
  • The years passed and the girls were miserable. Their only job was to have and take care of the children. However, they were secretly planning an escape.