John the baptist
Updated: 8/14/2020
John the baptist

Storyboard Text

  • John Preaches
  • Ask for forgiveness for things you have done wrong
  • People come to see John
  • I'm going to see John the Baptist
  • Same
  •  I'm going to get baptised
  • Me too
  • People wonder if John is their saviour
  • I am baptising you now but very soon someone greater than me will come. He is so great that if he asked me to carry his shoes it would be an honor.
  • I think John is our savior
  • He has come to save us
  • John the baptist became a preacher and was telling others to ask for forgiveness for things they have done wrong.
  • John did not feel worthy
  • How could I, just a regular man baptise Jesus the savior of the world? You should be baptising me. I cannot baptise you Lord.
  • It's important that i do this now. I am ready and I want to be a example to others and show them that it's important.
  • When people heard that John was in the area they would come from all over to listen to him preach and to get baptised by him.
  • John baptised Jesus
  • As people were coming to John to be baptised, The people were wondering if he was there saviour they were waiting for. John heard what they were saying and he said to them.
  • God spoke to them
  • This is My son, I love him and I am pleased with him.
  • Jesus came to John the baptist to be baptised by him. John the baptist did not feel worthy to baptise Jesus.
  • John took Jesus and baptised him. He placed his hands on his back and laid him down into the water until he was covered. Then he brought him back up again.
  • As soon as Jesus was baptised the sky opened up and the holy spirit came down like a beautiful white dove and landed right on Jesus shoulder. Then a voice came down from heaven and said to them.