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Updated: 6/9/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Why does your car work?!
  • The people of maple street look up at the sky to see a flashing light, that could be an alien species. Everyone goes on with their normal day until...
  • You're the one to blame, you have been acting suspicious
  • The power goes out, and everyone is confused as to why Maple Street is the only street without power. People start to have suspicions, and...
  • The people of Maple Street use what they can to try and keep the attention off them, and at that moment people's cars start to turn on. As suspicions grow again...
  • Everyone starts to argue about who the aliens who have come down really are. Trying to deface each and every single person on the street. Everything gets crazy and people start to
  • Bring guns out from their house. Chaos starts to happen, with everyone throwing rocks and shooting their guns. While everyone down here is in the middle of chaos...
  • There is an alien race on the hill beside the street. They debate which planet to tear apart next. This race of aliens, has been to numerous world, tearing each of the citizens apart from each other. Their terrorizing will go on.
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