TTS chapter 3 story board
Updated: 4/6/2021
TTS chapter 3 story board

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  • Mariam and nana along with her brothers go to the ration day kolba. the brothers push the wheelbarrow up to the gathering while the girls unload it once its there.
  • while the girls unload the wheelbarrow, nana throws ricks at the boys just because it's fun. she thinks that it is the boy's job to work for her and to do most if not all the work for her. Mariam is reluctant to join in despite nana's encouraging
  • Mariam finally does taunt the boys much to nanas amusement, but Mariam feels guilty and thinks about it the rest of the day. she does not feel it right the be mean to the boys after they just helped them and nanas behavior upsets her.
  • nana invites 3 people over, one of which is Mariam's tutor, who is her 2nd favorite visitor. Mariam goes for a walk with her after they complete their studying
  • Mariam and her tutor walk around the neighborhood and talk about attending school. Mariam wants to attend and her tutor offers to talk to nana and try to convince her to let her go.
  • Mariam's tutor talks to nana about Mariam attending school but nana refuses, saying the girls do not go to school and she should stop wasting her time. nana believes that girls don't need to go to school, all they need to do is marry a well-educated boy.