Canterbury tale project
Updated: 2/10/2021
Canterbury tale project

Storyboard Text

  • The Monks Tale
  • Hercules' Story (Exposition)
  • Hercules' Story (Rising Action)
  • The Monks tale is the 21st tale of The Canterbury Tales. It is actually 17 short stories. I will be using Hercules' story for the sake of this project
  • Hercules' Story (Climax)
  • This tale starts by describing some of Hercules' great deeds and labors. Hercules had obtained a high renown and songs were even made out of his feats.
  • Hercules' Story (Falling Action/Resolution)
  • The deeds that are listed are also told as part of Hercules' 12 labors, such as dragging the guard dog of the Underworld, Cerberus, out of the Underworld, slaying the Nemean lion, killing the tyrant Busirus, and etc. But after this Hercules went to see every bit of the world. Hercules is told by the prophet Trophee, that not a single man on either end of the world could stop him from doing so.
  • Lesson
  • As Hercules traveled it is said that he had a "sweetheart" by the name of Dianira whom gave him a shirt. It was later found that Nessus, a centaur that hercules had killed, gave Dianira the shirt.
  • i
  • Within half a days time of putting it on all of Hercules' flesh had melted off his bones. His flesh eventually blackened because of the venom in the shirt, he had himself covered with hot coals "For with no venom did he deign to die."
  • i
  • At the end of the 17 tales, the Knight interrupts the Monk and says that he has had enough of the misfortunes of these tales and says that he would prefer stories with a (for lack of better words) good ending. The lesson of the monks stories is that fortune is a 2 sided coin and will not ally itself with anyone for long.