HPE Assignment
Updated: 5/28/2020
HPE Assignment
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  • "Hey, you should hang out with us sometime?"
  • "Okay, sounds awesome. Why don't you come to my house tomorrow night."
  • "Yeah we should have a movie night."
  • I can't believe you smoked! You are unbelievable. You're grounded for a year. End of story!!
  • Con
  • I'm so disappointed. I can't trust you anymore and you're never hanging out with your friends alone.
  • "Its a shame thats he got a cigarette addiction. We could've been friends."
  • "He's such a loser. He could not handle his cigs then and he can't handle them now..."
  • "Oh my god! All those nasty rumours about him are true."
  • Con
  • "Yeah okay. I guess your parents are gonna be home soon. So they will smell the smoke on you."
  • "That would suck if you could not hang with us."
  • "Okay, dude. I totally understand. My parents would crucify me too."
  • Cigarettes? But what about all the short term effects we learnt about in HPE class: increased heart rate, higher blood pressured, reduced oxygen circulation, stained teeth and fingers, trouble breathing, nausea and vomiting.
  • But what if I keep smoking and I suffer from the long term effects: nicotine addiction, respiratory and circulatory system diseases, cancer, reduced fitness, premature aging, yellowing eyes and tooth decay, diabetes, decreased life expectancy by up to ten years
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