Updated: 3/13/2020

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  • By: Patrick CothamI don't think Andrew Jackson should be on the $20 billSources: TCI, ushistory.org
  • He only sided with the people because it benefited him at the time
  • But he had the whole Jacksonian Democracy thing.
  • He gave important positions to his friends just because he could
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  • By removing Natives from their land, going directly against the supreme court in the process
  • Okay, fine, but he got America more land.
  • You're right, after changing sides from the people to the federal law by imposing high tariffs
  • Um, he made the government have more money.
  • Yes he opened more banks in states, that led to people getting many loans, which lead to not enough money, which led to more money printing, which led to inflation on the dollar
  • He opened more banks, that couldn't be that bad.