Macbeth project 2

Updated: 4/14/2020
Macbeth project 2

Storyboard Text

  • I would the friends we miss were safe arrived
  • in every battle someone will always be killed, our victory ddint cost us that much
  • Macduff is missing and so is your noble son
  • my lord you son has paid the price: he had not even became a man yet but he proved himself by fighting like one
  • so he is dead
  • yes he has been carried off the field your grief should not equal his worth because then your sorrow would never end
  • were his wounds on his front side
  • that is all... he is worth more then that, i will morn for you
  • yes on his front
  • well he is gods solider nobody died more honorable then he did and that all there is to it
  • he is worth no more they say he parted well and paid his score and so god be with him here comes newer comfort
  • you soon will all be reward we must call our people home we must get rid of the evil people and i invite you all to watch me get crowed
  • hail king because that is what you are now we are free