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Updated: 3/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • the Mauryas unify India
  • no please no
  • we will rule you or else
  • Ashoka's rule
  • practice Buddhism
  • Ashoka's edicts
  • be a good person
  • we love being Buddhist
  • The Mauryas were the first leaders to unify India. The Indian subcontinent, once divided into many small kingdoms, covered more than one million square miles. Because India was huge and diverse, the unification of this vast land by the Mauryas was a major accomplishment
  • The Mauryan Empire reached its height during the reign of King Ashoka. During the early part of his reign, Ashoka expanded the empire to the south and east through a series of wars. However, after one very brutal battle, he made his decision to reject violence and find a more peaceful way to rule.
  • To spread t values to his people, he had edicts carved into walls, rocks, and tall pillars throughout the empire.Ashoka's edicts were designed to promote four main goals: Buddist values General Welfare Justice Security