underground to Canada
Updated: 1/15/2021
underground to Canada

Storyboard Text

  • The captain turned and ran back to his schooner. Small clusters of people were gathered here and there.
  • You can't just stay praying there Liza, we've got ways to go and there's a man waiting up there to take us.
  • We walked silently round the shore-line, towards the coloured man, whose wagon was hitched onto a brown horse.
  • I'm Ezra Wilson. Massa Ross sent word you were coming and Lester wants me to bring you to St.Catherine's. 
  • As he talked, I thought about what Massa Ross had told us - that escaping into Canada would be hard and that living in Canada would be hard, too
  • No, it isn't. And I've gotta tell you what it is. We coloured folks in St. Catherines work hard, very hard. We've found jobs but none of us can read. The white folks don't want us in their schools.
  • It's like heaven here, Julily.
  • One night Ezra talked about St. Catherine's, how Lester worked in a Welland House where a special pipe brought magic mineral water and how all the former slaves built the hotel.
  • It's a grand place. A big porch runs along the front of it, and all the fine people sit in rocking chairs.
  • I want to ask him if he's ever heard of a handsome, black woman named Mammy Sally.
  • Ezra had told them that the town they were coming into was St. Catherine's. There were large and small houses, with trees and flowers blooming everywhere.
  • They aren't dressed fancy, but they aren't wearing rags.
  • There are many black folks like us here, Liza.
  • At the end of the street, they saw a large two storey building with a wide porch in the front - the Welland House Hotel.
  • You'll want to head straight to the kitchens, Julily. It's a surprise I planned for you. I made Ezra promise not to tell.
  • It's Lester!
  • Welland House Hotel