Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • On May 15,1789 the there estates ordered a meeting when the voting of the three estates voted by estate, rather than individual, the poor estate wanted a change. But it was always viewed as people who were less than others. Like always the poor estate were outnumbered 1 to 2.This made the three estates angry due to the fact that they couldn't have any power to hang and benefit them in the future.
  • The Meeting Of The Estate General
  • On June 20,1789 the third estate wanted change even when being denied at the estates meeting. They decided to storm the tennis court and take it over to show the they could be as powerful as them, or even better. Before anything could get out of hands a priest that was presenting was able to calm the situation down by creating an oath stating that they would work out something to help the third estate rather than hurt them even more.
  • Tennis Court Oath
  • On July 14,1789 the third estate and its people decided to attack a castle called the Bastille that was said to have gunpowder and weapons that could help them fight back against the other estates and its king.
  • The Storming of the Bastille
  • On October 5,1789 a bread riot happened when the king shut down the bakery´s. Food became limited and mothers were watching their children starve. This caused 6,000 mothers to march to the kings castle and complain in the end they stormed the kings castle and captured the kind taking away his power to rule.
  • When Maximilian Robespierre came into power he stared to become overwhelmed with his power an started a reign of terror. It started in july 1793-1794 which caused over 17,000 people to die.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 and died on 1821 he was known as one of the worlds greatest generals of all time.He was also the most hated by other countries due to him being able to run France and remain in balance without a king.
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