The story of the teen mom
Updated: 3/19/2020
The story of the teen mom

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How a girl got pregnant in high school at the age of 16.

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  • The Beginning!😃
  • Im telling the Story!!!😃
  • High School Hottie!😍
  • OMG!!! He is just sooooooo hot. Huhhhh
  • High School Drama!😑
  • I grew up as a regular child. I lived in a big house and had a big sister and a big brother.I always look up to them. I love them so much,
  • The Big Mistake!😥
  • Everything was normal up through my child hood. A few years later I was finally in High School. I mat this really cute guy named Zack and he is in almost all of my clasess. Now this is going to be a good year.
  • Pregnancy Struggles!😭
  • Zack actually did something I thought he would never I of course said yes because I mean look at him. Both his friends and my friends would judge us. They did not like us being together they wanted us apart. We hung out every day.
  • My Happily Ever After!😜
  • We had dated for 11 months and we were both so happy with each other and we loved each other soooo much. I lost my virginity to Zack one night well my parents were out. It was such a nice night. But we did not use a condom.
  • I found Out I was Pregnant three weeks later and we both told our parents. My parents were very upset with me and made me drop out of school. I was soooo upset because I loved biology and I had science stuff all over my room. I was in so much pain everyday. I did have my dogs and cats which helped me get through the whole thing,
  • Nine months passed and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl which me and Zack both love sooo much. we BOTH DECIDED TO NAME HER EVELYN ROSE. Even though she was an accident it was the best mistake I had ever made. We cant wait to watch her grow up and expand our family. :)