Updated: 2/2/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! May I please have a pistachio ice cream cone?
  • Sure! That will be $4.50.
  • Why is mine $1 more than all the others?
  • Well, pistachio is our least bought flavor.
  • Why is mine still more!!!
  • It's supply and demand! Our most bought flavors are vanilla, chocolate, and cookie dough.
  • That doesn't make sense
  • Well those are the customers' favorite flavors, so we have the most of those flavors.
  • Therefore, we need to raise the price to make a profit off our small supply, to make up for the small demand.
  • You ordered something very unpopular, so we don't have much of it.
  • I guess that makes sense...I'll pay the extra $1
  • Great! I'll get that made for you!