Updated: 4/30/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! My name is Sammy the Supergiant and I am the most massive type of star is the entire galaxy! I'm currently 6,000 years old and am about to undergo a huge change!
  • Unfortunately, I can't stay as bright as I am, about 30,000 times as bright as the Sun, forever. I'm about to change into a brand new Supernova after I collapse due to pressure dropping from a loss of fuel.
  • Look at me! I've grown into big Sam the Supernova now!
  • A Little While Later...
  • Look how bright I shine now! My brightness has increased by about a million since I've become a Supernova! I transformed into a Supernova because nuclear reactions in my core stopped and I collapsed. Then, I exploded into my new form when I had a large release of energy!
  • Can you take a guess at what I'll become next? I'll give you a hint! My future form has 2 different possibilities!
  • Whatever happens in my next stage of life, I can't wait to enjoy every moment! Hopefully I get to be able to be something amazing that scientists get to study!
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