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  • Well I veto renewing the bank's charter. The bank is unconstitutional and is like a monopoly that is incredibly biased because it has too much power. It hurts the common person and only helps the wealthy!
  • Wow... he is just taking advantage of his power as president!
  • We'll see about that. I will cause economic troubles so your allies will turn on you!
  • We are here to rally with Jackson
  • I will destroy the bank with my government funds in state banks, or "pet banks."
  • POOF
  • Yay! The bank's gone!
  • Jackson took a risk and vetoed the renewal of the bank's charter. He claimed that it was unconstitutional and favored some people but harmed many more.
  • We have to help the economy! It'll worsen if we don't!
  • I disagree. It is best that we do not meddle. the economy will recover on its own.
  • Jackson won the reelection he thought it meant people were supporting his decisions against the bank. So he continued to fight or "destroy" the bank before his term and the bank's charter ended.
  • AWAY WITH "KING ANDREW" Vote for these two!
  • Yes, join the Whig Party. Vote me, Harrison, as president
  • The bank hoped that causing economic problems would make Jefferson back down and stop fighting the bank. However, Jackson managed to get more people to support him. The bank eventually went out of business and shut down.
  • I don't feel so great.*cough, cough*
  • Senators Clay and Webster wanted to help the economy and believed it would only get worse. Van Buren claimed that the economy would improve on its own. the government didn't need to interfere.
  • A new political party called the Whig Party was formed during Jackson's war with the bank. This party was named after a British party created to oppose royal power. They mockingly called him "King Andrew" Jackson and nominated two candidates for president and vice president, Harrison and Tyler.
  • And me, Tyler, for Vice President.
  • In the 1840 election, the Whig party addressed actual problems and issues less, and their personality more. The party tried to get Harrison to appeal to the people so he would get more votes. However, when Harrison was inaugurated, he gave a 2 hour speech in the cold without a coat. His cold developed into pneumonia and Harrison died a month after his inauguration.
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