Peppered moth
Updated: 4/30/2020
Peppered moth

Storyboard Description

peppered moth and dark moth

Storyboard Text

  • HI! I am the most amazing and famous peppered moth , and um ... well you are the other moth that everybody forgets about.
  • Excuse me but.. I will get you back one day and I will be more popular than you!
  • You mean the most popular for a birds dinner!
  • BIRD INCOMING! Ah look , perfect a tree to hide!
  • Well that is definitely NOT perfect for me ! Where am I meant to hide?!
  • Sorry, too bad!
  • A few years later...
  • But..but pleaseeee I know I didn't help you last time !..
  • Look what we have here...and I have just realisd that I am quite.. I mean very HUNGRY!
  • Oh look there's a bird like always .. but this time it's your turn !...
  • First of all let's introduce the characters, the peppered moth and the dark moth.They have both had their time to shine, but how come?
  • Peppered moths have evolved a lot in the 19th century and so they are quite special.This is because they have a better camouflage on trees than the dark moths , so their numbers thrived!
  • After the industrial revolution many of the trees were covered in blck soot,which meant of course that the dark moths could camoflage much better than peppered moths . Then dark moths survived and that caused there to be more dark moths than peppered!