Chumash part 2
Updated: 6/12/2020
Chumash part 2
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  • After davening to hashem, He told moshe to make two snakes out of any material and place them on his staff, and whoever sees it, will be cured.
  • I can not let any foreign nations to pass this land, and I will have to attack you now
  • Another question is, was it enough to just look at the snakes and the answer is no. They had to recognise that this all came from Hashem and he is in control. They should realise not to be afraid of the snake but of Hashem. שהיו ישראל מסתכלין כלפי מעלה ומשעבדין את לבּם לאביהם שבשמים היו מתרפאים
  • If youre wondering why snakes and not a different animal, it is because the snake convinced adam and chava to go against hashem in birashit, and the nation is doing that here too. Also because to snakes everything taste the same and this mun was so great that it tasted however they wanted but they still did not appreciate it.
  • as The jews passed through the valley to get to א"י the emorim set up to attack them from the mountains above. Hashem made a nes that the mountains tilted smashing them into eachother. The only way the nation realised this was from the water from the well, with all the remains and people who fell.
  • yud, hey, yud, hey. Hashem please help us
  • Sichon the king of the emorim dropped dead
  • Hashem I am scared to fight Oge because he has done mitzvot in the past
  • Hashem אל תירא אתו כּי בידך נתתי אתו
  • I will kill you with this rock!!!!
  • Moshe ended up killing him,because hashem made the rock he was holding get eaten by ants in the center and fall and get stuck on his teeth. Moshe then slashed him with an axe by the ankle , and oge died.
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