Updated: 2/10/2020

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  • Why
  • Problems
  • This land is horrible for farming.
  • I see.
  • What I would fix
  • Sir Walter Raleigh founded Roanoke in 1585. Roanoke is in present day North Carolina. They did this to expand English territory and find gold and other riches.
  • There where many problems with Roanoke. Such as the land being bad for farming. They had to try and conquer the land from the natives 2 times. Also when Sir Walter was coming back from England they had to fight Spain for three years. After the war there was no sign of any one. They were thought to have died over the winter do to lack of supplies. But there was the letters CRO carved into a tree though to mean CROATOAN.
  • If I could go back and fix the problems I would bring more supplies. Such as water, clothes and food for everyone.