study guide one
Updated: 4/5/2020
study guide one

Storyboard Text

  • hey did yall watch that movie from caves to cosmos?
  • I did not get to watch it last night, what is it about guys?
  • yeah I did it was very interesting!
  • well gabby, i assigned the movie for yall to watch so you can understand how even back then stem was used and how we still use what they created today.
  • it helps show the traces of knowledge from the roots of the native Americans
  • I liked how they discussed how corn was such a big thing for their culture. they believe that the corn has religious and spiritual beliefs.
  • Exactly, corn to them was a gift from god! corn meal was made as an offering to the gods and the natives would pray for the rain.
  • In the movie you see them in a smoke circle and they throw some corn to the ground. they do this as a thank you to the gods and that is how they give back to earth as well.