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Hydro logic Cycle
Updated: 9/9/2020
Hydro logic Cycle
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  • Sup! I'm Evan the Evaporation vapor! I survive by large bodies of water absorbing heat energy from the sun; thus creating (me) vapor!
  • And I'm Connie the Condensation cloud! Once water vapor reaches high altitudes and low temperatures it creates small water / ice particles that come close together to form (me) clouds!
  • Evan doesn't get all the fun! I go through a process called Sublimation (Although it takes me a bit longer) I directly create water vapors when the temperature is low or the pressure is high.
  • As precipitation occurs plants like me preform Transpiration, and absorb some of the water into the soil. My roots absorb the water and push it towards leaves where it is used for photosynthesis.
  • Once Connie's water / ice particles move close enough together; wind/ temperature changes make way for a downpour called Precipitation.
  • When the water moves over the surface of the earth (in this case the mountains), top soil and minerals Runoff into the ocean and seas.
  • And some runoff minerals are absorbed by myself and other plants through the process of Infiltration. We take the absorbed water and produce fresh water underground.
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