A Man Called Ove. Chapters 29 and 30
Updated: 2/22/2021
A Man Called Ove. Chapters 29 and 30

Storyboard Description

In these comics, I did a moment where Ove came home remembering Sonja. After the talk that Ove had with Parvaneh on the way back from cafe, he got upset and very mad. Parvaneh had offered to help Ove clean out Sonja's things and pack them up. Ove was telling her to not say another word but she kept on going. He finally yelled at her and told her to be quiet. I made a comic that showed Ove after dropping Parvaneh home, He walks into his house and breaks down crying and talking as if he's talking to Sonja and not being able to live without her. Overall, It's moments after dropping off Parvaneh after the conversation that they had on the way.

Storyboard Text

  • "Oh Sonja! I can't keep doing this anymore, it's been so hard without you."
  • "It's been difficult without you dear. This plave doesn't feel a home without you. But i can't let you go, not yet..."
  • "I hope to be with you soon. I WILL be with you soon my love."