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10A Cristian Avila Comic Launcelot
Updated: 10/16/2020
10A Cristian Avila Comic Launcelot
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  • The Tale of Launcelot Du Luke
  • 10A Cristian Avila
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  • Earlier they started across a plain, but at the intesity of the sun Sir Launcelot fell asleep, Sir Lyonel suggested him to rest beneath the shade of an apple tree. While he was sleeping Sir Ector de Mary and Sir Lyonel were taken prisioner by Sir Tarquine
  • Sir Launcelot fell asleep in an empty and red silk pavilion. The owner just came back and engaged with him in bed as he thought it was his wife.Then they went outside to challenge themselves.
  • Sir Gahalantyne tried at the first encounter both he and Sir Launcelot broke their spears, so both drew their swords and hacked vehemently at each other.Sir Gahalantyne slumped forward in the saddle. Finally Launcelot won the battle.
  • Arthur`s kingdom thrived while the round table existed. However, several knights told King Arthur about the love between his wife and Launcelot, and Queen Gwynevere was sentenced to burn at the stake but Launcelot snatched her from the flames and at the end Launcelot brought an end to the Round Table
  • Queen Gwynevere stumbled just when Sir Launcelot had saved her and then Queen Gwynevere ended up dying in the lava and Sir Launcelot, all dejected, spent the time taking the blame that it was his fault that the queen tripped and was in poor health for many years
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