Life of Hercules 3
Updated: 1/14/2021
Life of Hercules 3

Storyboard Text

  • The fifth labor of Heracles was to clean the stables of a man named Augeas, who had more oxen than anyone else in the world. The stable was full of dung. In order to finish this task, Heracles diverted the course of Alpheius River to wash away all the dung and made the stable clean.
  • The sixth labor that was ordered for Heracles to do was to go to the Stymphalian Lake and to get rid of a flock of man-eating birds. He was able to do this by shooting the birds with the Hydra-poisoned arrows from when he killed Hydra and dipped the arrows to its poisonous venom.
  • The seventh labor assigned to Heracles was to travel to the island of Crete and capture the divine bull there, who was believed to be the father of the Minotaur. He managed to complete this task with the help of King Minos of Crete. He traveled back to Greece by using the bull and it swam across the Mediterranean.
  • The eighth labor of Heracles was to capture the man-eating horses of King Diomedes. When Heracles arrived at the stable, he needed to make the horses calm down so he fed King Diomedes to the horses. That is how he was able to capture them.
  • The ninth labor was to get the belt of Hippolyte, the Queen of the Amazons. He went to Hippolyte and asked for the belt nicely, and she gladly gave it to him. Hera thought that it was too easy so she disguised as an Amazon and rallied with the other Amazons against Heracles. Heracles thought that Hippolyte so he killed her and sailed away with the belt.
  • The tenth labor given to Heracles was to fetch the beautiful herd of cattle owned by a giant named Geryon in an island called Erytheia, which was known as the end of the world by ancient Greeks. He first killed Geryon to be able to get his herd of cattle and sailed away after to return to King Eurystheus.