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Updated: 5/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Would you like some lemonade?
  • Sure!
  • Thank you
  • I can't leave Sohrab here. He needs to come to U.S with me!
  • I'll give you the contact from a inmigration lawyer here in Islamabad.
  • Everything alright
  • Do you feel clean yet, Sohrab?
  • We have to think he's wrong
  • What do you think Soraya?
  • Snoring...
  • Amir and Sohrab are waiting for a meeting with mr. Andrews; adoption lawyer. They were very excited because Sorhab already knew Amir was his half-uncle.
  • Amir told to mr. Andrews the lifestory of Sohrab, but he couldn't prove anything of it so he started geting worry. The only thing Sohrab didn´t want was going back to an orphanage. 
  • What a tiring day
  • At the hotel... Amir told the situation to Soraya, she had also been looking for some adoption agency. Soraya tells him that he wil be great at parenting.
  • So this must be the kid causing all the trouble
  • So you're familiar with my situation?
  • Sohrab barely said a dozen of words since the meeting with mr. Andrews and the attemps of conversation had only met with nodding or a monosyllabic reply.
  • Amir started shaving with a old-fashioned razors, then he took a long shower while he organized his thoughts.
  • Omar Faisal, the inmigration lawyer, arrived to the hotel to talk about Sohrab's situation