Egg world
Updated: 5/8/2020
Egg world

Storyboard Text

  • Another day in the kitchen
  • Haven´t you heard? If we don´t escape someone could denature our proteins with heat and...
  • Why?
  • We need to plan our escape!
  • Meanwhile...
  • I know its crazy, I will experiment as soon as I get home.
  • Egg properties: coagulation, emulsification, foaming and whipping
  • I didn´t knew all the properties eggs have.
  • Move your yolk out of here!
  • RUN!
  • The eggsit!
  • Mom! I´m home!
  • Time to experiment!
  • Oh... no!
  • Is she going to make him...
  • fried egg
  • Coagulate...
  • Foam...
  • Egg was beaten last night:His protein was denaturated by mechanical action.
  • Don´t go out, stay safe!
  • I begg that doesn´t happen to me..
  • What no one knew was that he had salmonella