Updated: 3/4/2021

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  • Jay Gatsby was a mysterious millionaire who lived in the 1920s. He lived on Long Island in New York, and would spend every night dreaming of reuniting with his long lost love, Daisy Buchanan.
  • Gatsby and Daisy fell in love when they were young, and were separated when Gatsby went to war. Sadly, when Gatsby returned he found that Daisy had married another man named Tom Buchanan. He was very wealthy and they lived on Long Island.
  •  Gatsby knew he had to get Daisy back, but he never thought he was good enough for her. So he moved to Long Island and spent years building wealth through business, some of which was not fair. Until finally, he believed he was ready to reunite with Daisy.
  • When Gatsby and Daisy finally reunite Gatsby is completely in awe of her. He idolizes Daisy in such a way that she could not possibly live up to his expectations. Daisy is also very impressed by how wealthy he has become. These two factors lead to their romance immediately rekindling, despite the fact that Daisy is married.
  • Daisy introduces Gatsby to her husband as her friend. However, Mr. Buchanan knows that something is not right and he becomes suspicious of Gatsby. To lessen the tension between everyone he suggests a trip to the city. So Gatsby, Daisy, Mr. Buchanan, and Daisy's cousin Nick Carraway leave for a day trip to the city.
  • Once they all get to the city a fight erupts in the apartment between Gatsby and Mr. Buchanan. They fight over Daisy and at the end they ask Daisy to announce who she truly loved. But Daisy simply says she loves both of them, which make both men rather upset. After this the trip is cut short and the group drives home.