Corey's Coming
Updated: 2/23/2020
Corey's Coming

Storyboard Text

  • John Joseph
  • That same old train comes roaring by once every week .
  • My Corey's coming. No more sad stories coming. She's my midnight-moonlight-morning-glory; you're coming aren't you girl? And like I told you, when she holds you, she enfolds you in her world.
  • Sit down, kid. Where should I begin?
  • You know my favorite, though you know I like all the others, but I love the way you tell me about your Corey the best.
  • Are John Joseph's stories true?
  • Old John was born here; he's lived here all his life. But I'm afraid he's never had a woman, let alone a wife. And very soon you'll find out, if you check around more, that no one named Corey has ever lived in this town.
  • I asked people around town if they knew anyone named Corey and they said that there's never been anyone named Corey in this town.
  • Ah, what do they know? Reality is only just a word.
  • Who's he talking to?
  • If you're a relative, he had a peacful end.
  • Is that John Joseph there? It's about time he got some rest. My name is Corey. You can say I'm just a friend.