Updated: 2/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Many Americans wanted to take over Texas because of the very valuable land. Texas had really good cotton and had valuable crops.
  • It begins by a man named Moses Austin getting land by Spanish in Texas in 1821. Soon he died and his son Stephen Austin took over, and he bagan a succesful colony. Soon there were 25000 people in his colony, but tension between the Texans and Mexicans arose.
  • In 1833 Austin went up to the Mexican government, and asked to make a change in the laws to allow more immigrants to Texas. He was then jailed for awhile and then was released in 1855.
  • Then Santa Anna's army in 1836 and they began to surround the Alamo where all the Texans were. Then most of the Texans fleeted and got out because they were outnumbered. But the Mexicans kept trying to shoot cannonballs, and all the Texans could do was to shoot back with rifles. Most of the Texans were killed or executed.
  • Sam Houston the leader of the Texas revolutionary army, had a brilliant plan. The San Ann were resting and the Texans made a surprise attack. They had to flee which meant the Texas War of Independence have been won, but Mexico didn't fully accept their loss
  • Now Independent Texas ended up remaining independent for 10 years. New president Polk was elected and he wanted Texas to become a state. Then congress voted that Texas was admitted as the 28th state.