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USA History
Updated: 6/1/2020
USA History
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  • 8000 BCE - Native Americans begin to settle in North America
  • 1492 AD - The British started to explore the world and the America's
  • 1607 AD - First successful British settlement in Jamestown
  • After arriving in America from Asia in around 13,000 BCE, Native Americans began settling throughout the continent and spread up into North America.
  • 1776 AD - America became independent from British rule
  • Explorers from several European countries were travelling across the world in hope of finding new land to gain money and fame, and to flee from governing views.
  • 1804 AD - All slavery abolished
  • After multiple previous colonies had failed due to various reasons such as food shortages or attacks from native tribes, Jamestown became the first successful European colony.
  • 1830 AD - Indian removal act passed
  • America became independent from Great Britain after they objected to increasing taxes by the British government without any representation for the American colonies. Growing hostilities led to the Declaration of Independence on 4th July 1776.
  • The Trans-Atlantic slave trade was deemed 'un-Christian' and moves were made in Europe to abolish it. By 1804, all states in America had abandoned slavery completely. However inequality and segregation for African-Americans was still prevalent.
  • The removal act forced tens of thousands of Native Americans from their ancestral lands, westward past the Mississippi. This event is widely known as the Trail of Tears, and has been referred to as an act of systematic genocide.
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