Kath and Mouse
Updated: 12/11/2020
Kath and Mouse

Storyboard Text

  • "What is that mouse doing at our table?!"
  • Oh, it's so...unique! *laughs*
  • I got it from a garage sale, I liked it.
  • "What was that for?!"
  • Kath notices Helen is sitting at her table in the cafeteria. Helen tried to make friends with Kath, but Kath was not having it one bit. At this point, the conflict between Kath and Helen starts.
  • Give me a week to practice.
  • "You play piano, right?"
  • Kath walks by Helen on the school bus, and notices her backpack, and then proceeds to be sarcastic and say her backpack is "unique" and everyone laughs,
  • "I'm not going to play the oboe, I'm going to sing."
  • "It's not available.
  • A group of girls including Kath come outside of the changeroom giggling. Kath kicks a ball at Helen but she quickly ducks under it, then Kevin stands up for Helen asking why did kicked the ball at Helen.
  • Posters went up for a talent show, and people of their school all started practicing for it. Helen asked Kevin if they wanted to be a duet, Helen being the singer and Kevin playing the piano. Kevin then agreed.
  • Kath finds out the reason she couldn’t sing with Kevin in the talent show, is because Kevin already had a partner, it was Helen.
  • Kath was finally supportive in the story, and sat in the crowd and smiled. The crowd applaud when Kevin and Helen finished their performance, and everyone was happy in the end.
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