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Updated: 2/23/2021
Some Project

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  • How Freud Sees Me
  • How Horney Sees Me
  • We will protect you.
  • How Rogers Sees Me
  • Lets be friends!
  • K.
  • One day I'm going to beat up my older brother.
  • Freud believed that part of our personality and who we are not only came through our self conscious, but through our parents. Freud believed that we love our opposite sex parent. (I'm a guy so I'd fall in love with my mom.) In order to "win the competition", I'd become more like my dad to win my mom over. My personality would shift more towards my dad and vise versa if you're a girl.
  • How Adler Sees Me
  • Karen Horney, a former student of Freud, believed that childhood anxiety shapes who we are today. Because of that, we have a desire for love and security.
  • How Jung Sees Me
  • Carl Rogers had a theory that people are good unless impacted by bad things in the environment. Things that would inhibit growth. He based his theories off of clients and believed that people wanted empathy, acceptance, and genuineness.
  • How Costa & McCrae See Me
  • I'm sad.
  • I will listen to you.
  • Alfred Adler expressed that birth order matters. He claims it impacts our personality. He states that during childhood, you strive to overcome inferiority and become superior.
  • Carl Jung put a lot of research into the unconscious. He believed that our unconscious was based on our universal surroundings and beliefs. This typically consists of images or archetypes.
  • Costa and McCrae were a part of what we call "The Big 5 Factors." These factors consist of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Essentially we can figure out a persons personality and their traits based off of how they talk and interpret things to us.