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Battle of Hastings my storyboard lesson
Updated: 10/16/2019
Battle of Hastings my storyboard lesson
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  • Having just defeated Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge, Harold Godwinson received news that William had arrived at Pevensey and was causing destruction and devastation. Harold began to bring his exhausted army south.
  • The battle began. The English were assembled at the top of Senlac Hill, the Normans at the base of the hill. The Normans had archers, cavalry and foot soldiers, the English had mainly had the Fyrd, but they assembled a shield wall.
  • The Norman archers could not break the wall, their arrows hitting the shields and flying over. The wall was secure and tight.
  • It is impossible to get up that hill!
  • Mounted Norman knights could not charge up the hill, the shield wall pushed forwards.
  • It was rumored William had been killed, but he lifted up his helmet and yelled! Alive and well, he tried a new tactic: the feigned retreat. Norman knights pretended to flee!
  • Harold's men foolishly followed the Norman's down the hill, breaking the shield wall! They repeated this and the Anglo-Saxons were defeated. Harold had been shot in the eye.
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